Thursday, March 29, 2012

Obama and Iran: The "Bubby and Zaidy" Conspiracy

Obama and Iran: The "Bubby and Zaidy" Conspiracy

The recent supposed plot by Iran to take out a Saudi ambassador to the U.S. by way of an Iranian-American sleeper agent, whose day gig was selling use cars, sounds like something out of a Tom Clancy novel. I’m not one for far-fetched conspiracy theories, but my first reaction was one of skepticism. The reaction from the Obama administration was lukewarm at best. More sanctions, which lead me to believe at least in part, that this plot may have been real.  Yet, the key was not the president’s immediate reaction, but the clout this alleged plot would give the US, at least morally if not militarily, in supporting any future strike on Iran by Israel. Now the question becomes: why does Obama need any clout? Unlike the case with Iraq, we have extensively documented and have received almost weekly visual evidence of an Iranian nuclear program, specifically one that is striving to achieve military grade capabilities.

The answer is simple. Although it comprises a very small percentage of the voting populus, the Jewish vote is slipping away from Obama daily. This was evident from Democrat operative and mediocre comedienne Sarah Silverman's trusty constituency in “Bubby and Zaidy” aka Jewish retirees reaction in Boca RatonFlorida, when they made yet another great schlep, except this time to elect what they would normally deem a “schwarzer” in Republican Congressman Allen West over the incumbent Jewish candidate Ron Klein in 2010. And then there was the recent election in the 9th district of New York, which includes parts of south Brooklyn and Queens, both of which house a large Jewish population. A district which has not voted Republican since 1923, and where Jews came out to vote against a highly favored Jewish candidate, in Democrat David Weprin, in a special election to fill disgraced former congressman Anthony Weiner’s old seat. These recent warning shots have proven that when it comes to the issue of Israel, Jews vote according to the policies, not on the religious or ethnic background of the candidate. But even if one considers the possibly of the Jewish vote slipping away from Obama, why should he care? Jews are a small voting block.

Strategically speaking, more important than the American-Jewish perception of Obama’s stance on Israel, is the US relationship with Turkey within the NATO framework. Obama may also be trying to exploit the recent adversarial posturing in the Mediterranean between Turkey and Iran, by way of their respective naval arsenals. Contrary to a prevailing belief in some circles, Obama is no Muslim. But he is most certainly sympathetic to their plight, as demonstrated in his Cairospeech, where he enumerated long forgotten Islamic contributions to Western civilization (mainly because it has in fact been a while...try 1500 years). And given that from the age of 6 till the age of 10, which as any student of Piagetian psychology will testify are some of the most formative years of one’s life, he spent time studying the Koran in an Indonesian madrassa (Muslim school), he is at the very least subconsciously Sunni. Yet despite his administration having carried on the legacy of friendship with the Saudi royal family, he would not like to see the dawning of a nuclear arms race in the region between Saudi Arabia and Iran. Hell hath no fury like a nuke showdown between a Wahhabist and a Twelver Shiite. One that wants to establish a regional caliphate and the other that wants to bring about the Messiah by way of atomic cataclysm.

If this month’s plot revelations are in fact not a concoction of the American government, they seem serendipitous with the recent deal made to release of Gilad Shalit in exchange for 1,027 jihadist murderers. Relevance stems from a self-evident truth that Prime Minister Netanyahu had to clear this issue off the table before any sort of engagement with Iran, of whom Hamas is a proxy. But more importantly, if Israel is to launch an attack on Iran, they will need airspace over which to fly. And it is a nearly well kept secret that there is anIsraeli forward operating base currently in the northwestern Saudi city of Tabuk. The distance between this base and Iran’s closest nuclear target, namely the Russian built and operated power plant in Bushehr, is roughly 1200 miles. The F-16I has precisely that range, one way, Cosmo Kramer-style a.k.a. like a Saab running on fumes. IDF brass has obviously denied the existence of this base up and down. Yet, my very same friend who dreams of taking back the Sinai for his own scuba diving pleasure has confirmed the base’s existence, mainly in that he had the privilege of visiting it throughout his military service. So despite disapproval from the fringe media outlets and isolationist Ron Paul supporters, nearly 70% of Americans see the Iranian regime as a nuclear threat to the world, which needs to be dealt with sooner than later. So even if this recent plot proves to be concocted, a nuclear Iran as a threat to Western civilization is certainly no fabrication.